Hello everyone!

Welcome to the R-helpdesk! How can I help you?

This document website how bachelor students in BMS programs will use the program language R in the courses for Research Methods and Statistics (and beyond). The document will be available at all time when making assignments and when making exams in which R is used. The document will be updated when the staff discovers problems in the way students deal with R.

How to use this website?

There is no need to learn everything ‘by heart’. It is mainly a reference guide. Read until “Installing R and RStudio on your laptop” once before doing anything else with R. Then install R and Rstudio. After that read the rest of “1. Introducing R and RStudio” once. After this make some of the assignments we created. Use the materials in this reference guide, in case you get stuck. After doing three of four R assignments, read the first chapter again, and skim through the remainder of the website. Before you start using R in other courses, read through everything again, to re-familiarize yourself with R.


Do you rather work offline? Just download this whole website as a PDF: